Home Life

Homes of Hope for Children has one cottage for boys and one cottage for girls. Seven children live in each home with a set of full-time houseparents. The houseparents are committed, Christian couples who have been “called” into this special work.

Fighting For Kids!

The most unique aspect of our ministry is the fact that we partner with family members to fight legal battles to get children out of abusive/neglectful homes. Most of the children living at Homes of Hope for Children are with us because of the legal battles that we have fought on their behalf.

Make it Monthly

How does it work?

Your monthly donation to Homes of Hope for Children is a reliable, consistent source of support that allows us to carefully and strategically plan moving forward. Donations can be mailed to us or they can be made automatically. No matter which way you decided to give, you will receive a receipt for all of your donations each year in January.

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12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

April 2015 Publication

In this publication you will find a message from the Executive Director, Dr. Michael

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About us

For those of you who may be reading about our ministry for the first time, I want to encourage you to continue to explore our website. This will give you an opportunity to learn even more about Homes of Hope for Children. As you navigate through the pages, you can find information about our campus, our program, our events, and so much more.


Table set up with auction items to raise money for Homes of Hope for Children.


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Golf Tournament

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