Become A Business Partner

We would love for you to consider partnering your business with the mission of Homes of Hope for Children, which is to provide strong Christian homes to hurting children.  Below you will find several different categories and specific line items of need for our ministry, along with the cost of filling that need for one month.  Please consider whether there is anything listed that your business would like to donate toward each month, quarter, or year.  If you are pulled to give toward a larger item that you may not be able to cover the full cost of, pledge to cover it partially instead, in hopes that another business will step forward to cover the remainder of that cost.

Each year we will highlight all of our business partners through our quarterly newsletter that goes out to over 3,000 local individuals.  We will also list your business on our website and recognize you several times throughout the year on our Facebook page, which has over 10,000 followers.

You can sign up to cover any of the following costs.


  • Water for Boys' or Girls' Cottage $7
  • Boys' or Girls' Cottage Telephone $25
  • Cable for Boys' or Girls' Cottage $50
  • Internet for Boys' or Girls' Cottage $80
  • Electricty for Boys' or Girls' Cottage $600

Household Maintenace

  • Boys' or Girls' Cottage Lawn Maintenance $15
  • Boys' or Girls' Home Improvements $30
  • Boys' or Girls' Household Necessities $50
  • Home Maintenance for Boys' or Girls' Cottage $100

Childhood Memories

  • Church Activities Boys' or Girls' Cottage $20
  • Boys' or Girls' Birthdays $50
  • Campus Activities for Children $60
  • Boys' or Girls' Vacation $125
  • Boys' or Girls' Entertainment & Recreation $150
  • Boys' or Girls' Weekly Allowances $180
  • Church & Activity Fuel for Boy's or Girls' Van $170

Education & Well-Being

  • Boys' or Girls' Cottage Office Supplies $25
  • Boys' or Girls' School Supplies & Activities $90
  • Fuel for School Transportation for Boys' or Girls' $170
  • Boys' or Girls' Counseling Sessions $200
  • Boys' or Girls' Clothing $235

Basic Needs

Printing and Mailing Quarterly Newsletter

  • Cost to Print Spring Newsletter $200
  • Cost to Mail Spring Newsletter $100
  • Cost to Print Summer Newsletter $200
  • Cost to Mail Summer Newsletter $100
  • Cost to Print Fall Newsletter $200
  • Cost to Mail Fall Newsletter $100
  • Cost to Print Winter Newsletter $200
  • Cost to Mail Winter Newsletter $100
  • Cost to Print Special Newsletters/Announcements $200
  • Cost to Mail Special Newsletters/Announcements $100

If you are interested in sponsoring any of the above needs, you may:

  • Mail a check to 344 Harold Tucker Rd, Purvis, MS 39475, indicating the need you are donating toward in the memo line
  • Click here to get started through an online donation

Please call (769-456-7021) or email ( us if you have any questions.