Hear from Our Director

Meet the Director of Homes of Hope for Children, Brandon Brown

What did you do before arriving at Homes of Hope for Children?

“I was an officer in the Army for 10 years. Toward the end of my time in the military, I began to pursue a Masters of Social Work degree with the intention of working with soldiers diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. However, both midway through the program at the University of Southern Mississippi and shortly after graduation, I was afforded the opportunity to work with children in a school-based setting, and I greatly enjoyed both of these experiences.”

What attracted you to working at Homes of Hope for Children?

“I love the vision behind Homes of Hope for Children – to provide opportunities and stability for children in crisis. I have found that the strategy at Homes of Hope for Children is approached first and foremost by committing this work to prayer. Homes of Hope for Children is passionate about sharing and demonstrating the good news of eternal hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ not only to the residents here, but also to each other and those outside of the ministry.

What is the most fulfilling part of being the director at Homes of Hope for Children?

“It has been an enriching experience. Hearing the work that God is doing in and through the lives of the residents here and being able to join in the mission here is a sincere privilege. I have been able to see and hear about how God has used the gifts and talents of current and past staff members to minister to the hearts of these children. I am so thankful for the opportunities God has given me to see Him work in their lives, and I am excited to see them continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and to become the men and women of God He is preparing them to be.”

How would you advise or encourage someone who is thinking about joining our ministry team?

“First, I would encourage them to pray about the opportunity. If they do not have experience working at a children’s home, I would also encourage them to dialogue with individuals who have and ask them to share their experiences. After that, I would recommend careful reflection on the gifts and passions God has given them and consideration of how those attributes might fit into being part of a children’s home team.