Have you re-entered the cycle of parenthood because you felt it was the only option for your grandchild to have a loving and safe home? Are you struggling with the newfound role of parenting your grandchild?
As a grandparent, it can be very difficult to take on the responsibility of parenting, especially when you feel it is the only option to protect and love your grandchild. But there is hope. 

Home of Hope for Children is a Christian children’s home that can provide another option that takes the burden of parenting off of your shoulders so that you can be the grandparent once again. When children come to us, they are welcomed into a structured and loving family unit. Children in our care maintain healthy relationships with their grandparents, receiving visits, phone calls, and plenty of hugs. 

If you are a grandparent raising your grandchildren and would like more information about Homes of Hope for Children call (769) 456-7021.

It's ok to simply be a grandparent. With Homes of Hope for Children, you can.


Call 769.456.7021 or

Homes of Hope for Children serves both boys and girls. If you would like to make referrals, please print and complete the form using the link and contact us at 769.456.7021 or casemanager@hohfc.org.

Voluntary Placement Agreement
Parents and guardians who place children at Homes of Hope for Children are required to fill out the Voluntary Placement Agreement below.

Application for Admission
To apply for a child’s admission into Homes of Hope for Children, please complete the following form.