Current Job Openings

Case Manager/Counselor Needed


To serve children and families in need under the supervision of the Director.


  • Must have had a personal Christian conversion experience.
  • Must have a sense of call and commitment to a ministry of service to children.
  • Must be an active member of a local church.
  • Must have appropriate work experience.
  • Must have appropriate educational background and credentials.
  • Must meet all other employment qualifications as outlined in the HOHFC Employee Policy Manual.


  • Conduct per-placement interviews of children and family members
  • Obtain collateral information regarding child and family history
  • Lead staffing of children with Placement Review Committee
  • Discuss family history with appropriate HOHFC staff upon placement
  • Conduct intake conferences with family and appropriate HOHFC staff
  • Conduct counseling meetings with each child in residential care
  • Conduct sibling and/or family counseling sessions
  • Plan and implement appropriate interventions for the family and child
  • Assist in developing an educational plan for residents
  • Provide testimony to court personnel in custody matters
  • Consult with cottage staff regarding behavioral problems
  • Plan and execute family review conferences for each child every six months
  • Transport and/or supervise visitation with families as needed
  • Assist young adults who are in the Transitional Living Program
  • Maintain annual professional development training as required by the state
  • Network in the local community to reach out to children and families in need
  • Attend Cottage Transition Meetings and Staff Meetings

Please contact, via email, Melissa Litke at rmlitke@hohfc.org for more information.

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Houseparents and Relief Houseparents Needed

We are looking for married Christian couples who are called to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the Children God sends to us. We serve boys and girls who need a home because of circumstances outside of their control not because of anything they have done wrong. At Homes of Hope for Children we know that House Parenting is a rewarding career and an opportunity to make the difference in the lives of hurting boys and girls.

Group portraitThe housing that is provided on campus is second to none for direct care staff. We would strongly encourage you to take a look on the “Letter From The Director” page, then the “Campus Layout & Tour” link to review pictures of our homes.

Relief Houseparents are provided a private 1,600 sq/ft apartment on campus with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms apartment including kitchen and laundry facilities and walk-in closet. Houseparents are provided with a similar living space within the cottage. When in the cottage relief houseparents reside in a guest room which also includes a full private bathroom and closet.

The couples that serve on campus have a 21 day on 9 day off schedule. These positions require high energy, a sense of humor, flexibility, ability to deescalate and excellent organizational skills to meet the demands of a large family.

Benefits include 100% health and dental/vision insurance, company matching into retirement account, free housing, food, utilities, cable and cell phone, relocation assistance and a family atmosphere. The base salary for this position, which is evaluated according to experience and education, starts at $36,000-$40,000 per couple.

Please contact, via email, Melissa Litke at rmlitke@hohfc.org for more information and an update on current house parent openings.

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