Fighting for Kids!

Organizations like ours have long offered safe haven for children dropped off by their abusive or neglectful parents. In recent years, however, the number of children being left at children’s homes has experienced a sharp decline. The result? An increase in children’s home closures across the nation resulting in a sharp decrease in the number of beds available for children in need. While the natural assumption might be that there is no longer a need for Christian children’s homes like ours, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

So what has changed? It’s simple: parents no longer leave their children with ministries like ours because government funding gives them more incentive not to. While kids once interfered with the lifestyles of their abusive parents, they’re now a financial means to feeding their ongoing addictions.

At Homes of Hope for Children, we don’t believe it has to be this way, so we stand up and fight for these children ourselves.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

We have repeatedly seen Mississippi’s Department of Human Services (MS DHS) give passing grades to homes where abuse or neglect were obviously present. It’s become clear to us that DHS has simply become comfortable with a standard of care that is dangerous to children. Our mission is to succeed where MS DHS has faltered by saving these children from deplorable circumstances. And we’re making a difference: we’ve repeatedly proven MS DHS-approved homes to be unfit for children. These cases are expensive, but the outcomes are truly priceless: the rescue of children from developmentally destructive poverty and abuse.

To our knowledge, Homes of Hope for Children is currently the only Christian children’s home in the United States fighting these legal battles on behalf of hurting children with the ability to also provide a home for them to live and grow up in. Time and again we demonstrate that the faith-based community is able to change the lives of abused and neglected children through our ministry.

In order to have their children returned to them, parents are tasked with proving to the judge in court that they have changed their ways. Throughout the history of our organization, no parent has succeeded in this endeavor. Many simply walk away and abandon their children. When they do, we are here to help children recover and move on with their lives. Today, we’re proud to report that the majority of children who live on our campus are here because of our efforts on their behalf. Some have been here for as many as five years and counting!

Looking Toward the Future

Our work is not done when cases are won and children are removed from neglectful or abusive situations. Long after that day, we remain committed to providing a consistent, stable environment that is largely unheard of in out-of-home care. Thanks to the unconditional love of our houseparents and the generosity of the many friends who support our ministry, the boys and girls of Homes of Hope for Children look forward to bright futures in which their hopes and dreams are not only safeguarded, but nurtured into real possibility.

Help Us, Help Them!

Your donations bring us one step closer to helping our kids reclaim their childhoods and to helping them succeed. Partner with Homes of Hope for Children and make their home your ministry.