Home Life

Each Christ-centered home on our campus aims to provide an environment where a success story can take place and where children can develop into confident, contributing young adults.

Currently, Homes of Hope for Children has four cottages, two for boys and two for girls. Each cottage houses up to seven children and is staffed by a Christian houseparent couple that has been “called” to this special work. Before joining our ministry on a full-time basis, houseparents undergo an extensive interview and testing process to ensure that they’re the right fit for our ministry.

Attributes reinforced in all residences include high degrees of self-sufficiency, an exemplary work ethic, a strong ethical base, and a clear understanding of right and wrong.

Help Us, Help Them!

Your donations bring us one step closer to helping our kids reclaim their childhoods and to helping them succeed. Partner with Homes of Hope for Children and make their home your ministry.