Letter from Our Director

If you are looking to fulfill a calling in your life, not just a career, then you are looking in the right place.

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Melissa Litke, Director of HOHFC

In 2001, my husband and I cautiously began to answer God’s call on our life to meet the needs of hurting children. Even though we felt completely unqualified, God began to equip us for the task He was calling us to. It is our great pleasure and privilege to now serve on the ministry team at Homes of Hope for Children in areas of administration, houseparent training, and relief houseparenting. Homes of Hope is a very special place to witness firsthand God working in the lives of children. Most people spend a lifetime investing in their retirement and while we are also doing that, it is immensely fulfilling to know that our years of houseparenting are an Eternal investment.

Yes, houseparents live in a “fish bowl” and work seemingly unending hours, but we are granted the opportunity to love without expecting love in return and to change generations for eternity! That is a remarkable trade off, I’d say. If you have been challenged by The LORD to really be HIS hands and feet, and to live out crazy love, houseparenting will be one of the most challenging things you’ve ever done, but the payoff will be greater than you could ever imagine.

To see a child blow out birthday candles from their first-ever birthday cake; to teach a child to read and ride a bike; to see their awe of an answered prayer; to watch them choose to follow Christ; to see them graduate from high school, college, and even grad school; to walk them down the marriage aisle to a godly mate; to see God change their destiny as they become loving parents, productive citizens, and active church members: what “job,” I ask you, could ever compare to that?

We are looking for ministry-minded couples who display integrity and are life-long learners, team players, spiritually mature, loving, flexible, organized, energetic, and joyful. I know the list is daunting, but if God is calling you to it, HE will equip you for it (Hebrews 13:20-21). We are prayerfully waiting and joyfully anticipating hearing from you. Please don’t wait; the harvest is great. (Matthew 9:36-38)

Recent Work Experience

Director of Cottage Life at HOHFC – Since 2011

Primary & Relief Houseparent – Since 2001

Work Experience

Mother Child Program Family Advisor

Houseparent Trainer Certified Instructor, Parenting with Love & Logic

Center Director and Motivational Speaker for Jenny Craig, Inc.

Ladies Conference Speaker, Organizer & Worship Leader

Christian Camp Ministries

Church Staff, Youth

Foster & Adoptive Parent

Crisis Pregnancy Volunteer

Sunday School Teacher

Wife, Mom & Quilter