Our Commitment to Donors

The integrity of any organization is reflected in its financial policies. We believe that all money for Homes of Hope for Children is given sacrificially, and we are determined to be responsible stewards of this generosity.

  • We will receipt all donations at the end of the year.
  • We will communicate our financial needs to our donors as clearly and truthfully as possible.
  • We will not inflate or overstate our situation, nor create a crisis to boost income.
  • We believe in full disclosure at all times. Our financial reports are available to anyone upon request.
  • We will never sell or rent the mailing list of our supporters.
  • When we make a purchase, we will pay the bill within thirty days. We refuse to subsidize this ministry on the backs of our donors.
  • We will live within our means. One thing we refuse to do is overextend and overspend ourselves and then beg for God’s people to bail us out. We feel it involves just as much faith to trust God for the money before a purchases as after a purchase. In fact, one way we discern God’s will for the ministry of Homes of Hope for Children is through the financial support of his people.
  • A CPA regularly audits our books, and an accountant oversees our financial records in accord with accepted accounting procedures and the highest professionalism.
  • Whenever we employ paid staff, they will receive equal pay for equal work

Help Us, Help Them!

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