James 1:27

Our Mission

The mission of Homes of Hope for Children is to serve children in crisis throughout Mississippi by providing strong, Christian homes to every child who lives on campus while ensuring that each child is loved unconditionally and has their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met.

Statement of Faith

  1. We believe the Bible to have been given by God for the purpose of directing all people in the highest purposes achievable by man—a manual for living, conducting the matters of life, and maintaining healthy relationships. We, therefore, commit to working in all honesty and integrity to conduct ourselves, this organization, and all relationships in harmony with the Bible’s teachings.
  2. We believe that there is but one God, a God of Love, who gives expression of His fullness, in the form of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He so loved the world that He came   into the world as Son of man and Son of God, so that no one would be lost but would have everlasting life through believing on Him and His work on the cross. This love extends importantly to children for ‘pure religion before God the Father is this that we should look carefully after the needs of the fatherless and the widows.  Therefore, in practice, we commit ourselves to giving homes, health, and hope to those who do not have families or are members of families in crisis and working with children in need and at risk in society.
  3. We believe in the gospel and teaching of Jesus and make it our constant endeavor to follow His message and reproduce His love to others through the practice of humility, kindness, service, giving, and the treating of others as we would want them to treat us.
  4. We believe in the indwelling power and gifts of the Holy Spirit so that believers are enabled to live more fruitful and fulfilling lives and be of greater value to friends, family, and society.
  5. We believe in the power of prayers of faith and commit to seeking the will and power of God in all matters.

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